New Study Finds Acupuncture May Curb Severity of Hot Flashes Research Finds Traditional Chinese Needle Therapy May Provide Relief for Menopause Symptoms

ABC news recently reported on a small study examining the effects of acupuncture on hot flashes.   The results were clear, however, that women receiving acupuncture experienced a dramatic reduction in the severity of their hot flashes. While it may sound lovely to many of us to have a free, brief vacation in the tropics after the New England winter we've been having, women who experience hot flashes can also experience insomnia and excessive sweating during a hot flash.  These symptoms can range from non-existent to severe and may last for years.

Hormone replacement therapy came in to use in recent decades, but carries with it the potential for significant side effects.  Acupuncture offers a safe alternative to women seeking relief from menopausal symptoms.

Please check out the ABC news article & related video through the link below.