In Memoriam: Sophie

Many of the patients who have come to see me have had the good fortune to be welcomed by my dog Sophie. She loved going out to the waiting area to greet anyone who came in and to then show them the way into the room. During a treatment she would often let out a deep sigh as if to remind all in the room to just take a breath and relax. Sophie also saw it as her job to show patients back out to the waiting room at the end of their treatment.

The only payment she requested, often with a gentle lean on your leg or by standing right in the middle of the waiting room so you had no choice but to pass by her, was scratches and pats. She helped to hold a calm, accepting and healing space with her quiet presence.

A few months ago, Sophie was diagnosed with lymphoma. After her treatment was started, a second cancer in her hind leg was discovered. Sadly, it recently became clear that the chemo wasn’t putting her lymphoma into remission and the pain from the tumor in her knee became unmanageable.

Thanks to the help of a wonderful vet, Sophie was able to be eased out of her pain at home, surrounded by love on a beautiful day with a gentle breeze and sun on her fur.

Her calming spirit can still be felt, but her physical presence will be sorely missed.

Sophie Revett    September 5, 2008 - September 22, 2019

Sophie Revett September 5, 2008 - September 22, 2019